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Rivet Shelving

Rivet Shelving

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Rivet Racking offers incredible value for money, whilst offering incredible strength and rigidity, effective for any application. The system is simple to build with all parts being tapped together by a rubber mallet which offers a simple and effective way to assemble the racking.

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Our lowest priced shelving system! The new J rivet system offers unbeatable strength at an incredible price, but at the quality you have come to expect. The new shallow J beam profile offers increased storage capacity whilst maintaining excellent strength. Making space has never been so simple!.

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J Rivet Shelving Assembly Video

J Rivet Racking


Our Z profile rivet system offers a robust and effective storage solution for any application. The Z profile beam offers incredible strength with a shelf hieght of only 54mm. The system requires only a rubber mallet to build and just taps together. There are no nuts and bolts and no need for bracing giving access to all 4 sides.

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Z Rivet Shelving Assembly Video

Z Rivet Racking

Our best value Rivet racking that uses a lighter "L" shape beam in a 1830mm wide beam. These bays offer a versatile and cost effective solution where bays are required with wide openings making it ideal for bulky items. Each level comes with a central deck support and 18mm chipboard decking.

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Medium Duty Rivet Racking