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Maximise your storage space with our wide range of storage racks and industrial shelving. Whatever you need we have a shelving solution for you, from heavy duty industrial storage to a simple storage rack for your garage, we have it all. Choose from a wide range of sizes and materials.

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Archive Racking & Shelving is ideal for the safe and secure storage of Archive boxes and is available in a variety of sizes. Archive Shelving & Racking is extremely simple to build with no nuts or bolts and can support weights of up to 500kg and we offer free delivery on all archive storage solutions!

Archive Shelving


Our new stylish delta edge shelving is ideal for both office and warehouse environments. The delta profile offers excellent strength but has slim clean lines making it ideal for the office. The system is an all steel construction with shelves adjustable every 25mm, with a shelf capacity of 80kgs. The 350mm deep shelf has been designed to take standard 330mm lateral files underneath adding extra versatility.

Click Here to download a PDF copy of the assembly instructions for Delta Edge offiice storage roducts.

Delta Edge Office Shelving Assembly Video

Office Shelving

Acerax offers a variety of Garment racking & shelving solutions for all garment storage needs. We offer lightweight garment racking for light and occasional use, we offer stylish chrome rail racking which is ideal for use in retail or situations where the racking is in the customer domain and we offer longspan garment racking for industry/professional use which can support much larger weight and can be expanded to your needs in all directions.

Garment Shelving

Vertical Racking is ideal for the storage of long, awkward items such as planks, beams, and panels. It is easily accessible for loading and unloading and very easy to configure and customise and can be secured to the floor for more substantial loading. It is a great alternative to Cantilever Racking as it can make more efficient use of the space when products don't need to be stored horizontally.

Vertical Racking

Freewall is fundamentally about solving storage problems within the modern office environment. Freewall provides the use of room dividing units and pass through doors to enhance the versatility as well as eliminating the cost, time and space in creating additional walls or partitions.

Freewall Storage


Our Clicka Budget Shelving Range offers 2 shelf capacities offering an affordable, speedy solution to your storage needs. 

It is simple to erect yet has all the strength you are likely to require and is supplied in either 175kg or 265kg shelf capacities. All models have 5 shelves and are available in a choice of 2 colours. Our clicka racking has been tested and certified to the highest European satandars - GS TUV.

Click Here to download a PDF copy of the assembly instructions for Clicka Products.

Budget Shelving Assembly Video

Budget Shelving

Rivet Racking offers incredible value for money, whilst offering incredible strength and rigidity, effective for any application. The system is simple to build with all parts being tapped together by a rubber mallet which offers a simple and effective way to assemble the racking.

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Rivet Shelving

Our Longspan racking has been designed to provide economical storage whilst providing unrivalled strength and rigidity. The design of this warehouse racking offers an upright width of 47mm with a central tapered slot which offers a strong friction connection whilst being easier to install the beam levels.

Long Span Shelving

Ideal home, office and retail due to the open wire construction offering excellent light distribution onto the products displayed. Also suited in kitchens for storing dry food and crockery, whilst the excellent ventilation makes it perfect for server racks and computer workstations as well as laundry and linen stores.

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Wire Chrome Shelving

Durable, hygienic and ideal for harsh environments, the hard wearing galvanised finish provides excellent protection against corrosion. The shelf panel design allows higher shelf capacities because the shelf is supported completely along its end. This allows the use of narrow panels to increase each shelf load.

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Galvanised Shelving