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Second Hand Racking

Second Hand Racking



We buy and sell good quality pre used, second hand pallet racking so that our customers have the choice of sourcing this asset at the lowest possible cost. At the same time, we provide customers with other warehouse racking options, including the opportunity to purchase new pallet racking equipment at competitive prices.

We will ensure that all pre used second hand pallet racking is fit for purpose before it is offered out to the market and that it is in a merchantable condition. You will be encouraged to view your prospective purchase on our premises before an agreement to buy is made.






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  1. Survey your premises
  2. Provide a CAD drawing of the planned layout
  3. Deliver your pre used pallet racking solution at a competitive price directly to your premises
  4. Use our SEIRS accredited fitters to install your warehouse racking system
  5. Fully comply with all current Health and Safety regulations








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We are buyers of adjustable pallet racking that has become surplus to requirements and offer competitive rates

Call now to make an appointment on 0844 88 88 511

We will send one of our assessors round to your premises to review your surplus pre used adjustable pallet racking, with a view to making you a competitive offer to dismantle in a safe and proper manner, bale and bind the equipment for collection off your site.

The Key things our assessors will look for are:

  1. Quantity of surplus stock
  2. Condition of the stock
  3. Specification of the stock



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4 Item(s)
4 Item(s)