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Racking Inspections UK

Racking InspectionsStorage systems on your premises are an asset owned by your company. With the ownership of equipment, comes a responsibility to ensure that it is maintained in a condition that is fit for purpose. Any damage should be properly repaired to the original equipment manufacturers approved standards in good time so your staff can operate in a safe environment.

Levels of Rack Inspection

It is widely recognised that systems on your premises should have three levels of reporting any structural damage to your racking:

  • An immediate notification of damage from anyone on your premises responsible for damage or noticing it in the course of their duties
  • A weekly check made by a person responsible for racking safety
  • A regular detailed inspection completed by a ‘competent person’. It is recommended to be carried out by an external inspector on an annual basis (although some instances will require half yearly inspection)

Acerax Rack Inspections

At Acerax, we have 18 years of experience undertaking regular racking inspections. Our staff have attended courses organised by various manufacturers and the storage equipment manufactures association.  We carry professional indemnity insurance.

Our rack inspections include a full, detailed report produced within one week highlighting damage on a red, amber and green basis. Any findings requiring immediate attention will be made clear at the end of the inspection.

It is also our practice to notify you in advance that your annual or half yearly racking inspection is due and make an appointment to attend your premises in good time.

On completion of our inspection, any immediate repairs can be managed by Acerax and our SEIRS registered rack installers can carry out the work. Any parts for your storage system can be obtained through Acerax and where parts are no longer provided by the original manufacturer, we can obtain replacements through the second-hand market. We would welcome the opportunity to tender for the repair work however you are under no obligation to do so.

Further Information

For more information on Rack Inspections, review our Rack Inspection FAQs.

For more information on SEMA, review our SEMA Guidelines page.

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