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SEMA Guidelines

SEMA, the Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, is a private organisation which has been providing guidance on racking safety practices since 1968. It has become the “industry partner and point of reference” for storage safety by the HSE, Local Authorities, RoSPA, the CSCS and manufacturers.

Below you’ll find some detailed information about the tolerances currently allowed under SEMA Guidelines which include the following:-

·      Acceptable tolerances in beam, upright and bracing deformation

·      Information regarding the acceptable clearances between racking and pallets

·      The procedure to be followed after identifying the different "traffic light" fault states

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Pallet Clearances SEMA Guidline

Beam Deflection Tolerance SEMA Guideline

Damage Flowchart SEMA Guideline

Pallet Clearance Front Elevation SEMA Guideline

Impact Damage to APR SEMA Guideline