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SEMA Rack Inspections

The racking systems on your premises are an asset owned by your company which means you have a responsibility to ensure they are maintained in a condition that is fit for purpose. Any damage should be repaired to the original equipment manufacturer’s approved standards as quickly as possible so your staff can operate in a safe environment. Acerax offer racking inspection services (by a SEMA approved rack inspector) with a comprehensive report and a pallet racking certificate upon completion.

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HSE Executive advise 3 levels of inspection and reporting:

  1. Immediate notification of damage from anyone on your premises who is responsible for the damage or notices it in the course of their duties.
  2. A weekly check by an appointed PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety).
  3. A regular detailed inspection by a ‘technically competent person’. It is recommended that this is carried out by an external inspector on an annual basis, although in some instances an inspection may be required every six months.

Acerax racking inspections

Acerax Ltd have been providing racking inspections to companies throughout the UK for over 28 years. From large multi-site warehouses to smaller sized workshop units – no job is too big or too small.

Upon completion of the inspection our inspector will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing any action required to ensure your pallet racking remains safe and compliant with all the relevant regulations.

We are also able to provide a no obligation quotation to help fulfil any outstanding requirements highlighted in the report. For example to rectify rack damage and any remedial work required for adjustable pallet racking.

A record of the inspection will be added to your customer file and a note made to remind you when your next inspection is due so we can notify you in advance and ensure it’s booked in plenty of time.

Arrange your racking inspection by our SEMA accredited inspector

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Adjustable pallet racking safety awareness training

Acerax in-house training for racking and safety procedures will give your team the knowledge and expertise they need to ensure you continue to meet your legislative responsibilities and maintain the safety of your workplace. - click here for details.

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