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Project Planning & Installation FAQ's

Discover the answers to the common questions asked about racking systems, their installation and maintenance.

[Q] Do I need to have my existing racking inspected?

[A] Yes. You will need an inspection carried out by a SEMA approved inspector. The Health & Safety Executive recommend this inspection is carried out at least once every 12-months. Your business should also carry out its own inspections on a regular basis to identify where your racking may need maintenance or replacing.

[Q] Are there any regulations that my racking has to comply with?

[A] There are no specific regulations that relate to racking as such. However, the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER), the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAWA), and the
Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 all have a duty of care component that means your business must operate safely, which includes ensuring racking is fully maintained.

[Q] What are the key pieces of information I need to know when ordering racking?

[A] The most important aspect of using racking safely is understanding the load capacity. The materials the racking uses and how it is constructed, are all components that you need to know, as these ultimately tell you how much weight each racking shelf can safely support.

Also, think about the space you have available, and don’t try and squeeze more racking into a space than it can safely accommodate. Height restrictions will also be part of the racking manufacturer’s installation guidelines. Never exceed these heights, as this could result in racking collapsing. And think about the machinery (forklifts for instance) and the people using the space. They should be able to freely move around the racking.

[Q] Do you offer a racking planning service?

[A] Yes. ACERAX pride ourselves on the comprehensive and integrated services we offer. Unlike other suppliers, we fully support our clients from their initial contact with us, to the after sales services we offer including full maintenance and inspections of the racking we installed.

[Q] Do you supply any pre-owned racking and components?

[A] Yes. This is a major part of our business. We buy racking and components from a range of sources and refurbish them for resale. This saves our customers significant amounts of money. These savings however, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. You can be assured our racking is of the highest quality and meets all the relevant regulations.

[Q] Can ACERAX move our racking to a new location?

[A] The racking removal service we offer is detailed and comprehensive. If your business is moving to a new location, we can disassemble your racking and effortlessly move it to your new site. Leave everything to us.

[Q] Do you supply any additional items?

[A] We can supply items such as locked cabinets and smoking shelters as well as an array of racking components when you need replacements or want to expand your racking.

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