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Longspan Shelving

Longspan ShelvingAt Acerax, we can provide and install Longspan Shelving to meet your business needs. Longspan shelving is a heavy-duty shelving system that is hand loaded and does not need the use of a fork lift truck to store or pick products from. The height of the frames varies from 1830mm to 3660mm, with the depth 457mm to 1220mm. Beam sizes start at 1220mm and go up to 2440mm. Both frames and beam sizes have four other size choices in between the above. The beams are adjustable every 50mm.

The systems are purchased as a starter bay with two frames and beams which can be extended using additional bays requiring only one frame. The beams have deck supports which prevent the timber boards deflecting under load and stops the beams from spreading or rotating when loaded. Shelf loads vary between 500Kg and 950Kg with the load in the bay up to a potential 5000kg.

The system is supplied with chipboard decks that rest inset of the beam edge. This protects the board edge from damage. Shelving can be supplied that gives the bay a vertically divided effect.

Longspan shelving is a versatile system that can be used for tyre and garment storage. Special tubular beams are provided to facilitate this requirement.

Delivery on Longspan Shelving should be expected on five working days’ notice from order.

Midispan Racking

Midispan ShelvingMidispan racking is a longspan shelving system that is supplied with a galvanised finish. The frames can be supplied as blue if you require. The shelves are formed as steel panels and are inset of the beams. 

The system comes with a choice of two profiles; The lighter choice (maximum bay load of 4500Kg and available up to 3000mm in height) and the heavier variation maximum bay load of up to 8800Kg). Frame widths vary between 400 and 1200mm on both profiles and beams vary between 1000mm and 2400mm and have three levels of strength. The right choice of beam will be made when the stock profile is fully understood. Beams are adjustable on 25mm centres.

With a 6000mm frame height comes the flexibility to offer this system as a two or three tier floor.

Delivery on Midispan Racking should be expected on five working days’ notice from order.

Selling us your used Longspan Shelving

If you are in the market to sell some used equipment, we would arrange a site visit to inspect the equipment and provide you a price for sale. On agreement of sale, we can provide a service to take down your shelving and prepare for shipping and removal of equipment from site in a safe and proper manner with work undertaken by SEIRS accredited staff.

Further Information

Look at some of our recent projects and examples in our project gallery or review our Longspan Shelving FAQs.

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