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Cantilever racking


Cantilever racking


Acerax can provide bespoke cantilever racking systems for your warehousing requirements.

Cantilever racking creates space-saving solutions for goods or materials which are not suitable for storage on adjustable pallet racking. This is typically because they need to extend over the basic bay structure e.g. timber boards, steel pipework, cars and boats.

Mechanically loaded cantilever racking

Mechanically loaded cantilever racking, using a forklift truck, is likely to be a specially designed structure. Careful consideration needs to be given to the items being stored and the environment in which the equipment is being used. It will either be a single-entry rack, where the items loaded can be used on one side, or a double entry rack for both sides. Single entry racks will often be abutted to an inside wall or on a perimeter fence.

Just like adjustable pallet racking, the arms on the cantilever rack can usually be adjusted on 150mm centres or welded into a fixed position. Acerax design systems that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the business and its equipment to ensure that engineering requirements and standards are fully complied with.

Cantilever racking is often installed in an outdoor environment and galvanised for durability. Sometimes the structure needs to be designed to include protection from the elements, for example to include a top fitted canopy to the side, back cladding or even building a structure that encloses the whole of the rack.

The modular structure is delivered ‘flat-packed’ for assembly by our team of experienced installers to ensure safety standards are met.

Hand loaded cantilever racking

Hand loaded cantilever racking is designed to provide space-saving solutions for lengthy items of equipment which do not need to be stored at height and are light enough to be loaded and handled by one or two people. This system makes it easier to access equipment and separate different stock specifications for stock control.

These racks can also be supplied in a modular format with single and double entry access as well as different load bearing capacities. The adjustable arms are available on 75mm centres. Delivery for this equipment has a five-day lead time, subject to stock at the time of order.  You can find more details by visiting our online shop.

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