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Cable and coil racking


Cable and coil racking


Cable racking
For storing mechanically loaded, heavy cables

Cable Racking

Cable racking provides a space-saving solution for storing and dispensing heavier drums of cable. The drums are mechanically loaded onto racks which allow the cable to either be drawn off into cut lengths or to pick the reel from the spool.

Acerax can design the racking to meet your specific requirements for the number, size and type of reels being stored as well as the load capacity. We’ll provide you with a detailed survey to confirm the correct outline specification to ensure trouble-free installation of your bespoke system.

Coil racking
For storing hand loaded, lighter coils

Coil Racking

Coil racks are specially designed for storing smaller, lighter materials on reels or drums which can be hand loaded for picking.

They’re ideal for allowing storage and access to the cable on the spool in an efficient way e.g. in a manufacturing environment.

Coil racking can be ordered directly from our online shop.

What are the benefits?
Cable and coil racking

Cable & Coil Benefits

The benefits of choosing purpose-built coil and cable racking are:-

Stock availability is clearly shown on the reel by specification.

Reels can be stored at height and securely fixed onto a spool.

Multiple products can be stored on the rack structure as long as the reels all conform to the structure’s build specification.

Using this method of cable storage is regarded as good Health and Safety practice.

Further information

Take a look at some of our most recent installations in our project gallery or review our Cable & coil racking FAQs.

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